Full Face: Threading and Waxing

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Full Face: Threading


Threading is a 100% natural and non-chemical, safe, simple, fast effective method of facial hair removal using cotton thread. This timeless technique was developed hundreds of years ago and is ideal for eyebrow shaping and facial hair removal.

Also, facial threading is the best alternative to other methods like tweezing, especially for sensitive skin or people who are on Retin A and Accutane.

Threading is an acquired skill, hence only a trained professional can do it. Unique Beauty Care Salon has the experience and expertise to get the job done right the first time. Once you thread you will never go back to any other method or hair removal.

How Does Threading Work?

It’s done with a piece of thread. By knotting the thread and creating a trap, hairs are removed by the roots or closest to the roots.

What are the Benefits of Threading?

  • Will not produce more hairs or make hairs stronger.
  • Long lasting hair removal technique.
  • Leaves perfect lines, creating the right form under the eyebrow.
  • Skin does not get as red and irritated. 
  • Can pull out individual hairs.
  • Not only removes facial hair, it exfoliates too.
  • Hair does not need to be long, but just above the skin.
  • Will not produce more hairs or make hairs stronger.
  • Will pick up the finest hairs from the skin surface.
  • Leaves skin smooth.


Full Face: Waxing


Waxing is a procedure that, when done correctly, can leave your face smooth and free of hair for weeks. The Oklahoma State Board of Cosmetology notes that while waxing is convenient and effective, it can also leave you open to infection on the delicate skin of your face. Take precautions by choosing a licensed cosmetologist to wax your face and adhering to any guidelines given about facial products and makeup. With the right care, you’ll easily see the benefits of waxing your facial hair compared to other methods.
No Stubble

When you shave your face, the facial hair is cut off at the surface of the skin, leaving it blunt-edged. When it begins to grow back, it grows in the form of stubble. While a five o’clock shadow is fine for most men, it is unsightly on a woman. Waxing removes the entire hair shaft, meaning it grows back naturally and without the stubbly look that shaving can cause.

Less Hair

The more you wax, the less hair you’ll grow. Waxing ultimately damages the hair follicle. After having it done repeatedly on your face, the follicle will stop producing hair and you’ll become hair free. Of course, the reduction and essential cease of hair growth can take years to occur, but unlike shaving, you’ll start to see less hair each time you wax. This is especially helpful when you’re embarrassed about the hair on your face.